Technical competences in the area of development, implementation and maintenance of solutions for contact centers

The course "Customized Training for UC" offered by Avaya is committed to a detailed examination of practical aspects of installation and administration of the following products forming the range of Avaya Unified Communications.

The program has comprised multiple aspects related to post-installation adjustment of servers and user account administration. 

In practice, the following aspects of work have been considered:
  • Installed network administration with the help of the System Manager.
  • Media gateway administration in the Communication Manager.
  • Setup of user defined functions in the Communication Manager.
  • Setup of routing mechanisms in the Communication Manager.
  • Initial setup of SIP server Session Manager (SIP domains, locations, SIP-Entities, Entity Links, Session Manager Instance).
  • Setup of SIP routing in the Session Manager (server specific features in SIP protocol operation, setup of connections with other Avaya services, protocol adaptation modules for connection with third-party systems, management of bandwidth using Call Admission Control tools, etc.)
  • Setup of SIP and H.323 subscriber terminals (96xx series telephones, Avaya Flare Communicator for Windows, Avaya OneX Communicator).
  • Administration of digital and analogue subscribers.
  • Setup of Instant Messaging and Presence terminals.
  • Localization of subscribers’ names in the Communication Manager.