A conference was held in Kyiv under the title "Contact Centers: Best Practices"

A traditional conference was held on March 12 in Kyiv under the title "Contact Centers: Best Practices", organized by the Ukrainian Contact Center Association (UCCA).

In the opinion of our company's representatives, this year, despite a rather difficult situation in the country, more than 175 participants and 20 speakers took part in the conference representing companies operating both in the Ukrainian market and abroad. The conference has proved that business activities in Ukraine continue despite everything. The conference participants sought to find answers how to meet the market needs and they put many questions to the speakers. A 15-minute time limit was sometimes not enough for the speakers, who had plenty to say, and the discussions continued between the sessions. In particular, the conference participants eagerly discussed the issues related to the organization of information services’ activities at Maidan, the role of social networks, the use of CRM, as well as many other pressing issues connected with the market.