System integration

The core value of what we offer our customers is the ability to see, hear and understand the essence of the customer's business needs and propose an optimal solution to meet such needs.

System integration is the development of complex solutions for enterprise technical and business process automatiozation. Its ultimate goal is the most efficient management of the technological process, production, and organization at large. This term means what used to be referred to as the Automated Production Control System and Automated Process Control System. Therefore, "system integration" is everything connected with the enterprise automatiozation. It does not matter whether one large single application or several different applications being combined will be implemented at the enterprise or at the organization: with the enterprise automatization, a particular technical implementation of the solution is not as important as the purpose of such solution, that is, its focus on the business needs. In our opinion, a more precise and correct term will be business integration; this will highlight that the emphasis is shifted from IT infrastructure to business application tasks.

Complex solution for the automatiozation of enterprise’s business processes, which includes the creation of new information systems and consolidation of existing isolated information systems into a shared information space. As a rule, this is implemented on a "living" operating infrastructure, without interfering with an ordinary process of the enterprise’s operation as a whole. Only tested technological solutions may be applied in this process. There is no room for experiments and development of new technologies.

Creation of information projects on a turnkey basis using various technical, software and technological solutions. Consolidation of products and solutions that are well established in the industry into a single complex for solving the assigned business task. The main purpose will be to make a solution effective and reduce the cost at the same time – to achieve the so-called synergy effect by implementing the solution. This process may involve solution simulation including the establishment of a laboratory for developing a model, implementation of a pilot project to test the solution in practice.

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