IT services outsourcing

Lack of specialists with relevant qualification for professional administration and management of the enterprise's information system, the need to implement IT projects within the shortest possible time and release internal resources to resolve other tasks determine the need for IT outsourcing.

Outsourcing model means transfer of IT functions of managing and supporting information resources of the company to an external company.

IT outsourcing benefits:

focusing of the enterprise/company on the major business areas;
structuring of activities;
optimization of expenses on ensuring management of information resources;
guaranteeing of high quality services;
reduction of risks related to the business down time;
quick introduction of new information technologies.

Outsourcing of Technical Infrastructure means servicing information networks and business class systems. 

Business process outsourcing means that the company undertakes outsourcing of all IT services and not just maintenance of terminating equipment. There are different ways of arranging such outsourcing: the equipment with installed software may be located both at the customer's and at the remote data processing center. However, all members of the service team are employees of the system integrator providing IT outsourcing services.