FTTx technology family 

FTTB means Fiber to the Building. It is a way to organize access network cable infrastructure, where from the communication hub to the building the broad band signal is transmitted by optical fiber and then delivered to the subscriber by copper cable.

FTTB architecture has become most popular with large telecom operators due to relatively low costs of the construction of networks on the basis of Ethernet with high bandwidth, which allows providing a greater number of new services. Currently, FTTB architecture prevails in new buildings and is used as an alternative to the existing infrastructure in relatively old city districts.

Unified Communication (UC)

AACC means Avaya Aura Contact-Center, a platform on the basis of Avaya solutions for implementing contact centers that allow managing individualized interaction in different environments, communicating with clients, employees, partners, and suppliers using the whole diversity of channels. Avaya solutions for introducing contact centers provide opportunities for intellectual routing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), tracking, reporting, preemptive contacts and other functions ensuring effective communication and benefits from work with clients. 

Telepresence, Cisco, means a set of technologies allowing the user, with the help of special devices, to get the impression that he/she is present at and/or influences the place other than his/her physical location. In such case any movements, acts and voice of the user will be read in, transmitted to and reproduced at the remote location. Telepresence technologies ensure distant negotiations (meetings and other events requiring presence of all the participants at one place) with the image and sound quality at such level that in fact replaces real-life communication.

Management technologies

Project management of Consumer Express is based on widely used project management practices such as PMBoK (PMI), PRINCE, and ISO 21500. The major advantages of the company include availability of professional project team and availability of necessary technical competences. 

Project management is ensured by strict performance of project management procedures including content management, communication management, budget management, risk management and quality management, etc.
During the whole project life cycle, the project management process is documented including project product description, project plan, project budget, communication plan, risk recovery plan, and quality assurance plan.

Project success guarantee is the performance of planned project stages in accordance with the approved project plan, tracking of deviations and use of correcting and preventing procedures for compensating such deviations.

Upon completion of the project, the project outcomes are assessed and lessons are learned in order to further improve the project management methodology.

Marketing technologies

Nice Systems Ltd., Israel (NASDAQ: NICE; TASE: NICE) means a high-tech company, one of the leaders in the field of developing and delivering solutions for contact centers, recording telephone and video conversations and stock exchange operations.

I. NICE Fizzback Voice of the Customer (VoC) helps companies to collect the clients’ direct, indirect and implied feedback from any sources including social networks to better understand their opinion with respect to the service quality and use such information for more effective interaction. Application of Nice solution helps companies to assess clients' preferences in real-time mode and use the obtained information to ensure high quality services. 

NICE Fizzback (VoC) helps to collect and process the clients' comments and questions in real-time mode. Feedback received during the study is analyzed with the help of artificial intelligence tools. This solution helps the companies' managers to collect large volumes of feedback about employees and analyze them to increase the quality of services. 
  1. By suggesting that clients express their opinion in a natural language, NICE Fizzback determines not only the level of their satisfaction but the underlying reasons. This helps the companies to understand what weak points should be removed first to achieve success, and the collection, analysis and distribution of data in real-time mode ensure immediate removal of negative aspects in the services.
  2. Nice Fizzback solution is based on the feedback system allowing a combination of all customer feedback sent by SMS, e-mail and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). This solution helps to analyze the quality of interaction between the client and the company including connection through contact centers, shops, websites and service centers.
  3. Companies will also be able to systematize obtained information in accordance with their parameters for better understanding of the clients' needs, determining strategic opportunities for further business development, and for increasing the quality of service operations.

II. Recently, contact centers have attracted fraudsters who use the method of "social engineering". The main purpose of "social engineers" and other hackers is to get access to the protected systems to steal information, passwords, and details of credit cards. The main difference from ordinary crack is that the operator and not the computer is attacked in such case. Thus, all methods and techniques of social engineering are based on the use of human weaknesses. Fraud leads to direct financial losses and damage to the brand reputation. 
  1. Contact Center Fraud Prevention system prevents fraud without creating any obstacles and difficulties for the client and without requiring high operating expenses. Operating expenses are reduced by focusing on the protection of resources most attractive for the crackers. This solution uses automated voice biometric technology to prevent fraud and detect suspicious actions. Besides, it will help to control and track fraudsters' behavior to safeguard itself in future.

III. Business consulting services: NICE Interaction Analytics. Service works under NICE Interaction Analytics are performed to check whether the customer will use Interaction Analytics in a way that will quickly reveal the value of such solution for the company’s business, and to ensure further efficient use of the data obtained as a result of applying NICE Interaction Analytics within the scope of the customer’s existing or new business and technological processes.
  1. These works reflect NICE Business Value Philosophy, which is an integral practice including cross-disciplinary consulting approach focused on the use of Interaction Analytics as a source of new and useful business information for organizations seeking to respond as soon as possible to any changes in the market and clients' demands. This approach of detecting actions required to satisfy the customer’s specific needs changes the process of making business decisions taking into account information received from Interaction Analytics, reports, notifications and monitoring data.
  2. By using the results of the analysis of clients' applications with the attraction of a consultant on Nice implementation, the customer's management will be able to understand current trends in the clients' applications, detect reasons for applying and basic needs of the clients, assess the company's efficiency in achieving the established KPI and in performing current technological processes, determine the required changes to raise the efficiency and further improve the services provided by the company.
  3. Such business-oriented approach is not limited by the area of responsibility of the contact center and may be successfully used for obtaining necessary business information for the customer’s other units interested in the analysis of the clients' applications.